Make Your Beach Wedding Reception Unique

Most brides wear a more casual wedding dress, and choose to have their hair down or informally styled for the ceremony and reception. You can tie in the wedding colors and floral arrangements with one dominant flower that repeats itself throughout the decor. For example, a bold pink orchid will tie together your wedding dress with the decor if you wear one in your hair or place one single stem in a decorated vase on each white tablecloth. Vary the time of day for a twist on the beach wedding reception. The majority of beach weddings take place at sunset, but what about sunrise? Serve pastries, coffee, and fresh juices to guests. Have tables decorated with light blue, green or pink accents, and put up beach umbrellas to shade guests in the height of the morning sunshine.

How far you want to go with beach theme wedding decorations and favors is up to you. Some couples opt to keep their ceremony very elegant, with subtle wedding decorations, such as fresh flowers or torches in the sand. Others have fun with the beach theme, and have starfish and seahorse candleholders on the tables, or give flip-flop key chains as beach wedding favors. Remember that there are no rules when it comes to your beach wedding reception, so choose what makes you happy! The food at a beach wedding reception can also range from a sit down dinner to a lunch buffets. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, have a wedding lunch with hamburgers, cold salads, and fruit. Cut costs by serving soda or punch as drinks, rather than having a full bar. However, if you prefer a more glamorous beach wedding, a candlelit meal with fresh seafood and other gourmet dishes may be a better fit.