Confectionary Wedding Favours

Just as it is traditional for you to receive a gift from your friends and family, you also need to provide wedding favours to say thank you for their attendance. The best idea is to have confectionary wedding favours.

Why should you choose confectionary wedding favours? Well, there are two main reasons; they are cheap and delicious. There are many areas in your wedding where you need to spend quite a lot of money, the favours is not one of them. As they are purely a thank you gift to your guests, you do not need to be outlandish. Instead you can get them an amazing gift that will not break the budget and is still absolutely lovely. Confectionary options have long be favourable at weddings, this is because you actually cannot go wrong with them. Almost every single person will have a sweet tooth, and even if they do not eat sweets often then will enjoy the gesture. Now all you need to do is find the perfect favour for your wedding day. Here are some that you should consider, that are delicious and popular:

· Table chocolates: these are a great way to not take up too much space on the table. You can have one individual chocolate made for each person sitting at the tables. All you need to do is decide on a flavour and the message you would like to out on the little box it comes in.

· Confectionary hearts: some people might think that this is cheesy, but you are celebrating your love for your partner so why not go all the way. You can get a variety of different flavoured chocolate hearts that are also available in different sizes. Gather a few different flavours and sizes and place them in an organza bag for your guests.

· Chocolate or candy coated nuts: this one is ideal for both men and women. Some men may not enjoy too much sweet stuff, but you cannot go wrong with the saltiness of a nut and the sweetness of the chocolate surrounding it.

· Themed chocolates: if you have a themed wedding then you should have themed chocolates to go with it. There are many confectionary moulds that you can choose from to make sure that they match perfectly with the theme.

· Mints: this may not be as exciting as chocolate or candy, but it is certainly practical and can be enjoyed by all. This way no matter what you decide to have for your wedding breakfast, all of your guests will have minty fresh breath.

No matter which option you choose, you are guaranteed to have happy guests, while knowing that you gave a thoughtful gift that didn’t break the bank.

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