Finding the Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are ready to propose to your loved one, then it is time to start looking at diamond engagement rings and find out more about custom diamond rings. Knowing what your options are is going to make it easier for you to find the right item of jewellery for this special occasion. The most challenging part of it all is coming across a proper shop that will take all of your requirements into consideration and that will deliver the perfect ring to your doorstep.

The best decision that you could make would be to talk to your friends about the preferences of their loved ones. Where did they find the ring that they offered to their future wives when they proposed? How did they plan and organise everything? All of these questions are going to help you find out useful information that is going to make your proposal a memorable one. After having a few long conversations, you will end up with a few recommendations regarding the stores that you should visit, the type of diamond engagement rings that you should look for and so on.

Now it is time to talk to your significant other and ask some random questions about her preferences. Look through her jewellery and find out more about her personal taste. Remember the fact that she is going to wear her engagement and wedding ring every day, for the rest of her life. If you really want to impress her, it would be a good idea to invest in custom diamond rings. This way, you can ask professionals to turn your original design into an actual engagement ring.

When you are ready to propose, she will notice just how much you care about her. She will most certainly be impressed of the fact that you have chosen to buy her a different ring than any other diamond engagement rings that you can find on the market. The truth is that custom diamond rings are even more special than the ones you find when visiting certain shops. Before actually making such an important investment, you should make sure that you have found the right jewellery shop.

This way, you are going to benefit from assistance offered by customer oriented professionals who will want to make this experience as pleasant and as easy to handle as possible. You just have to tell them exactly what you are looking for and they will do everything in their power to offer you a few options that suit your needs. If you decide to have them design a custom ring, they will pay attention to all of your ideas and try to provide you with the ring that you desire.

Understanding and Choosing the Perfect Wedding Rings

Your wedding ring is probably the most precious piece of jewellery you will ever own. It is also something you will be wearing every day for the rest of your life so you need to make sure you will be comfortable wearing it. In the United States and United Kingdom, women traditionally wore wedding rings much more than the men. Times have changed. Both men and women now wear wedding rings as a sign of their fidelity to each other. But for valid purposes, some occupations or jobs prohibits the wearing of wedding rings while at work such as those working in the police force, actors and electrical workers. Some people remove their rings for safety or comfort especially if their fingers have increased in size over time. An alternative could be wearing a wedding ring as a pendant on a necklace which still translates to the same marriage vows where people wear the rings on their finger.

How Wedding Rings for Couples Started

It was not clear when the practice for both partners to wear a wedding ring started. What is known however is the introduction of a marketing ad aimed at its use during the late 19th century. But even then, it did not attract wide public acceptance and use. It was only after World War II when the practice started gaining popularity and by 1940, around 80% of weddings saw the exchange of wedding rings among marrying couples. This is indeed a big jump compared to only 15% who practiced it before the Great Depression occurred.

Various Practices on Wearing the Wedding Ring

One practice of wearing the wedding ring is placing it below the engagement so that to some, it means it is closer to the heart. On the other hand, other people wear the wedding ring above the engagement ring because the wedding ring supposedly creates a seal of the engagement in the marriage. Others opt to wear the wedding ring alone as this indicates its special meaning to their current life.

The Making of the Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are usually made of gold alloyed with copper, bismuth and tin metals to produce a harder product. Some rings may also be created from white or platinum alloys to give a different shine. Titanium has also gained popularity as a material for wedding rings due to its unique qualities. It is affordable, durable and it comes in a gun metal gray color. In recent years too, tungsten carbide with platinum or gold inlays were also used as a material for wedding ring. Other less expensive materials such as nickel silver and stainless steel has become alternatives for wedding rings. However, aluminum, are almost never used while silver, brass and copper are rarely casted to create a wedding ring.

Styles and Fashion for He and She

The most popular kind of wedding ring is a plain gold band which comes in varying thicknesses and karats. Women usually get the narrower rings while men are given a broader ring for their wedding. Other rings have designs on them such that when placed in light, the ring reflects them in various directions giving them certain sheen. The ring could also be a combination of white and yellow gold to give it a distinctive appearance.