Look Splendid in White

A white wedding is the norm usually for weddings and most brides choose white for their wedding gown. Other colours are also worn, especially pastel shades, but mostly it is white. It would help if the following tips are kept in mind while choosing a wedding dress.

• Choose a dress according to the location. A short dress may not be suitable for a church wedding and a trailing dress will not suit a wedding on the beach.

• The fabric is also important. Most fabric can be worn throughout the year, but some fabric like organdie and linen go well in summer, while velvet and silk may be more appropriate for winter.

• Keep a budget for the dress in mind so that you can straightaway eliminate all the dresses out of your price range and save yourself the time and effort. Also you should know that you will have to pay extra for shipping, taxes, alterations, lingerie and embellishments, and these will all add up to a fair amount.

• Schedule your appointment with the dress salon and let them know roughly what you are looking for. It will help them to keep samples ready.

• Let the salon make recommendations. Sometimes an expert at the store may help you pick out just the dress you want.

• Visit the salon during the lean hours when the sales people will be more relaxed and the trial rooms will be free. If the salon is crowded, the attention of the sales people will be divided and they may not be able to make valuable suggestions.

• Take just one or two friends with you, or you will end up with many clashing opinions and no dress.

• Don’t go in with a dress size in mind. Wedding dresses are usually smaller in size.

• Most dresses take from five to eight months to be delivered and therefore you must shop in advance. Don’t buy a smaller dress promising yourself that you will lose a little weight. It may not happen and further, it is easier to take in a dress that is a little large than try and get into a smaller size.

Shopping for a wedding dress is usually once in a lifetime event. Enjoy the whole process.

Wedding Dresses Through the Ages

Wedding dresses may be every girl’s dream after receiving an engagement ring. It’s just the symbol of the wedding ceremony in the woman’s eyes. Actually, wearing wedding gowns has been a tradition though many years. For a long period of time, wedding dresses are just the best dresses of every girl. During medieval times, brides worn dresses made from satins, silks or furs which different colors. The more color used, show more wealth of the family. Also the dresses matched with a lot of heavy jewelry. It was not until 1840, when the Queen Victoria made the white become the social history. Before that, many other colors are used in wedding gowns except black. Then the white wedding gowns were selected by most brides till now.

When it comes to 20 century, wedding dresses increasingly reflected the fashion trend, for instant, in 1920’s short gowns with dropped waists are popular, and 1930’s the cut of downs are more feminine. During the war, the wedding dress always was the military uniform or some borrowed one for the short of fabric. The tea length gowns were popular in this period. It falls between knee and ankle, and always together with a hoop under skirt and decorated with pearls and sequins. Silk and satin were usually used material. White was not the only color used, some other colors like cream, ivory also popular.

Cathedral veils, bonnets and even soft hats were worn in 60’s. During 70’s, the trend returned to the natural waist lines. Diana Spender’s leaded the 1980’s wedding fashion. She made the elaborate dress with puff sleeves to be the popular gowns. The popular style of 1990’s was the corset bodice and full skirt. Today the wedding dress style was changeable during these years. Different elements of fashion are utilized in the designing. People would like to try more unique dresses in their big day ceremony which make it memorable forever.