A Connection to the Heart – The Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is a metal ring which is made up of precious metals like gold, silver or platinum and has precious stones embedded in it to make it look attractive. It generally symbolizes marriage wherein the spouse wears it to show his commitment to the marriage. In some countries it is worn in the left ring finger while in others it is worn in the right ring finger. It is the most important jewelry for the bride and she does part from it under any circumstance.

According to the western culture there is tradition of the best man preserving the ring and presenting it at the required moment. Earlier the tradition was that only the bride used to wear the wedding ring throughout her life but nowadays both the bride and the groom wear it throughout their life. In the United States of America the sales of jewelry had fallen considerably after the Second World War and in order to increase the sales of jewelry they started the practice of double ring ceremony which meant that the bride would wear two rings on the same finger with the wedding ring above the engagement ring. This symbolized the closeness of the partner to the heart. The manufacturers started promoting the rings in sets which consisted of three rings; two for the bride and one for the groom. This strategy really worked and the double ring ceremony became a practice.