Choosing the Right Wedding Favors

Choosing the proper wedding favor for your wedding can prove to be a daunting task. With the other challenges you’ll be facing with preparing for your dream wedding, finding the right wedding favor shouldn’t be a difficult task if proper research and preparation is done beforehand.

Wedding favors have been around for many years, as long as weddings have been around. By providing wedding favors to your guests, your simply saying, “Thank You” for being a part of your special day. There are a variety of wedding favors to choose from. You can choose favors ranging from wedding themes and color schemes. To offer a unique wedding favor to your wedding, add your own personal touch with a nice ribbon, custom-matching tag, wrap it in a nice organza bag or a combination of the three. This way, you will be providing your guests with a unique wedding favor. Wedding favors range in all styles and prices. Your budget is a major consideration when choosing wedding favors. Keep in mind the number of guests at your wedding. If your budget is not enough to cover higher end wedding favors, you can offset the costs by providing your wedding party with higher end favors and your guests with a lower end favors. Choose wedding favors that match the theme of your wedding reception. If you are having a beach themed wedding, choose beach themed wedding favors. Choose colors that match the wedding reception party. If you like a certain favor and the colors do not match the reception party, consider adding a ribbon, tag or bag that matches the color theme of the wedding with the wedding favor.

Another growing trend with wedding favors is custom personalization or engraved favors. There is a personal attachment with you and your guests when they receive a personalized wedding favor. Usually the first names of the bride and groom along with their wedding date are common engravings used.

The wedding favor you choose provides a lasting impression with your guests. Give them something that will forever be etched in their minds. Wedding favors are a great compliment to any reception table and they are a wonderful take home gift for your guests.